Coaching Resources

Attention Coaches and Volunteer

Please see below for Training and Certification Requirements to be a head coach or assistant coach in CYO. There are several requirements that must be completed.

Any questions, please contact the boys or girls Athletic Director via email:

Boys:  Brian Lasky –

Girls:  Michael Calafati –

To check your requirement status: Contact Mary Ellen McCabe, Human Resources~Safe Environment:

CYO Coaching Requirements and Forms

Volunteer Instructions for Obtaining Required Background
Checks and Archdiocesan Training Requirements

1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check can be obtained online at Receive results online within a few minutes. The cost is waived for volunteers.

2. PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History
Clearance can be obtained online at Results will be emailed to you within 14 days. The cost is waived for volunteers.

3. Directions for obtaining fingerprints


  • Click on Schedule or Manage Appointment and complete
    required information
  • For fingerprint locations please visit the following website:

    • The cost is $21.85
    • If you have lived in Pa continuously for 10 years you can
      complete a Disclosure Statement in place of the fingerprints.
    • Theapplication is found at
      All required clearances, including FBI fingerprints, must be
      renewed every 5 years.
    • Volunteer Disclosure Form

Philadelphia Archdiocesan Training Requirements

(Safe Environment) Never Expires
1. Attendance at “Protecting God’s Children, Awareness
Sessions for Adults”

  • Go to to register for a session. Once you attend please
    drop off a copy of “Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries” to the
    school/Parish office.

2. Mandated Reported Training

  • Go to, click on Staff and Volunteers, select
    Required Training, Scroll down to Mandated Reporter Online
    Component, and then ‘click here’. Register and take the on-line
  • You will receive a confirmation by email from the Archdiocese
    that you took this training along with a “Certificate of Completion”.
  • All copies of Clearances, Ministerial Behavior & Boundaries and
    Proof of Mandated Reporter Training must be received by the
    Corpus Christi Catholic School Office / The Parish Office, BEFORE you will be cleared to volunteer.

If you need the Information & Communication Technology
Addendum or the Mandated Reporter Amendment go to: and click on Safe
Environment Clearances.

If you have any questions please contact:
Mary Ellen McCabe
Safe Environment Coordinator
(215) 855-1311 ext. 126

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